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Welcome to Trotta Tires

Follow the road to your vehicle tires and let us be your one stop for all your tire needs

We have been serving South Florida since 1995.


Daily deliveries throughout the day. no cut off time please ask for delivery time when placing your order. We are committed to serve you.

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Current Deals

205/65R15 94VKUMHO KH17$50.95
205/65R16 92VKUMHO KH18$56.95
215/55R16 93HCONTI PRO CONTACT$74.95
255/70R16 111TCONTI CONTITRAC LX$99.00
215/60R16 94TMICH PRIMACY MXV4$100.00
245/35R20 95YZEETEK$64.95
205/40R17 84WFORCEUM$41.95
225/60R16 102W XLFORCEUM$50.95
205/55R16 94W XLFORCEUM$47.95